About Us

The annual AEDC 2022, is world’s leading investment platform, an initiative of the African region, held under the patronage of African Heads of State which is gearing up to mark a special edition. This initiative will immaculately connect potential investor’s, stakeholders, experts and the state governments across the African region.

Under the theme Reimagining Economies: The Move towards a Renewable, IT based economy, Sustainable and Resilient Future. This ingenious initiative will offer a unique platform to keep informed of latest trends and best practices in investments around the world and will comprise of multi-featured 6 Pillars: Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI), Startups, Future Cities, and One Belt, One Road. The event will also comprise of a Pre-Conference Workshop, executive networking and exhibition stands.

FDI Pillar will aid investors to learn and discover more about promising investment opportunities across the globe. As global markets are yearning for new prospects of investments to boost FDI inflows, this pillar will help them ensure an upsurge in the economy.
This pillar will aid SMEs find new prospects and sources of financing solutions, they will avail access to markets worldwide, and showcase their business ideas.
This pillar provides investors a platform to diversify their portfolio and helps to connect with local business organisations by attracting investments in terms of stocks and bonds. The event aims to bridge a gap in investment flow by securing a myriad of assets.

Start-ups play an important role in strengthening new industries; this AEDC Pillar helps investors to nurture early stage venture capital or seed funding to start a business. This pillar will help keen investors looking for new avenues and projects for investments, as well as governments, looking for start-up projects to increase the economic growth.

As the world prepares for a futuristic approach and the shift to the digital business landscape, AEDC has meticulously incorporated Future Cities as one of its Pillars, enabling governments and investors to encourage innovation that will replace traditional services. Cities across the world are seeking to embrace smart solutions to improve the quality of life; this pillar will help investors, public and private sectors as well as countries.
This unique pillar is aligned with the vision of China’s Belt and Road initiative which enables a wide array of investment opportunities therefore increasing business integrations, strategic trade relations and stimulating economic growth