For almost a decade, the AEDC has, from its sheer dedication, reached noteworthy milestones that have supported its members, emerging economies, and investment experts. It will feature the investment trends and the future of sustainable investment under AEDC 2022’s Six Pillar: Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI), Startups, Future Cities, and One Belt, One Road. The prime focus behind diversifying the pillars, this year, was to construct a reliable platform and provide promising prospects for all diligent entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals who can benefit from numerous gains.

The AEDC 2022 is aspiring to create an upsurge for the African economic landscape, more stakeholders will be supported and more nations can partake in the benefits yielded from the sustainable investments. The AEDC 2022 provides FDI opportunities that will support investors in learning more about investment opportunities in Africa, therefore generating an increase in the global trade. SME business projects can cross numerous industries to secure entrepreneurs that are well-equipped to participate in refining the region’s economy and the welfare of its people. Foreign portfolio investment (FPI) can be promoted through inventive prospects where it can secure a combination of assets in the form of stocks, bonds, and cash. This ingenious initiative will support Start-ups to receive global exposure and collaborate with knowledgeable professionals in the field to further strengthen their business profiles. This platform will also safeguard Future Cities solution providers by sharing their valuable expertise and linking them with keen investors. One Belt, One Road will be organized to fully understand the investment opportunities and link a myriad of investors including venture capitalists who are interested in expanding their portfolio. AEDC 2022 will put forward innovative prospects to support the investment community from across the globe

I am pleased to be an integral part of the world’s leading investment platform, the AEDC 2022, which has provided vast prospects for the global investment community to spur and commemorate sustainable avenues of investment while catalyzing strong collaborations. Undoubtedly, foreign direct investments play a primary role in nurturing a success story and AEDC 2022 unlocks unparalleled investment opportunities not only for today but for the forthcoming generations.

The vision behind AEDC 2022 is to implement a wellspring of resilient and innovative economic strategies to position the African region in a global investment destination and help other nations achieve economic transformation and sustainability, in order to uplift the global economy in its entirety. As we embrace the shift to the economic development of the African landscape and integrate technological advancements, we celebrate our triumph of becoming a smart, digital and agile region. The AEDC 2022 platform provides believes in practicing resilience and persistence through their innovative approach as they support in generating investment opportunities and enable governments to showcase their competitive advantages to investors from all over the world. AEDC 2022 envisions a cohesive, resilient and diverse world of investment that is well equipped to cope with inevitable change. Ground breaking initiatives, such as AEDC exhibitions, facilitate unmatched opportunities to collaboratively unveil abundant strategies in order for countries to establish robust terms of cooperation and economic growth.

Adaptability must be exercised with inventive strategies to achieve economic resilience. The AEDC 2022 offers a conducive environment that will empower businesses and entrepreneurs to have the capability of achieving growth and success and ignite them to utilise digitisation and innovation to surpass the challenges of the pandemic. The AEDC 2022 edition, which will be participated by industry leaders from over 170 countries, will once again serve as a huge opportunity to discover new markets and further revitalize SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs, which mean even more abundant opportunities for economic productivity and expansion. It will also highlight different initiatives, policy measures, and strategies that are actively being undertaken by the African government leadership in order to increase opportunities for development, partnerships and innovation. The AEDC 2022 is one great leap towards realising the African region’s economic targets to achieve stability and diversification in the long term, thus, enhancing our strategies for a better tomorrow. It is truly an honor to be a part of this noble initiative.
Looking ahead for the AEDC 2022 FDI vision to discover boundless possibilities towards economic recovery, transformation, and sustainability aligns with the African Vision to make the African region among the best countries and economies in the world through the AEDC 2022.